All about me!

To start off with I thought that I should begin with some stats on me and what I’m all about just so you can get to know me and what I’m all about.

Im an aspiring dance student at university to be able to get my name out there and further my fan base and career as a dancer. However I have a lot of passions so I’m going to go through all of these individually but the main passion is dance as I want to become a professional dancer myself and then eventually a choreographer as I’m very creative. I love modelling and I’m very passionate about artistry to do with modelling as it is quite. close to dancing because I need dance photo shoots to be able to advertise myself for potential jobs.

Next I would say is that I love animals and all things natural I’m against animal testing and I have loved working with animals my entire life. Currently I own an amount of tropical freshwater fish and cold water goldfish, three dogs and four cats. Unfortunately a horse is not on this list as I am a keen horse rider and enjoy their company because they are very calming and also humbling to be around .

I am also a keen instagrammer so please go follow that and you can follow my journey @leah_barton148. The reason I use instagram so much is because I also love art and photographer so instagram helps me with this as well.

General information is probably that I’m 19 years old I live in the U.K with my mum and dad and my brother and his fiancé who I will probably talk about in more blog posts. I love expressing myself and writing helps me a lot and I’ve always enjoyed English so I want to be able to create this blog to continue with that as well.

Anyways welcome to my blog I hope you enjoy! Thank you for reading 😊

Leah xox